GroupFIIT Home

The Ultimate Online Ladies' Only Bootcamp

I cannot recommend GroupFIIT Home enough! It's nothing like other online workouts, it's fun, challenging and Maryam is there encouraging us and coaching us through every move.


Unique Live Online Workouts Every Week

Exclusively Ladies' Only Classes


Full guidance, support and motivation from a qualified Personal Trainer


Workout three times a week!


Monday 7.30pm

Wednesday 9am & 7.30pm

Thursday 7.30pm

Friday 9am

Sunday 10am


3 Classes​ - £64 per month

(Less than £5 per class)

Drop In Class - £8


Somewhere to workout that is not overlooked by other members of your household and can ensure the privacy of the instructor and other GroupFIIT attendees


A pair of dumbbells (or a pair of tins/cans/water bottles!) 


A Mat (Optional)

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