About FIITGirl

As women we spend our lives often talking down at ourselves and our bodies. We here at FIITGirl are in the business of building confidence and self love no matter how fast the numbers move on the tape measure (and trust me.. at FIITGirl, they move fast!).

Whatever your goal, whether it be weight loss, improving your cardiovascular fitness or getting your first pull up (You Go Girl!), we’re here to help you on your fitness journey regardless of your age or ability.

Let’s get this journey kick-started by exploring more about your fitness goals and how we can help you find your inner FIITGirl.

About Our Founder

Hi, my name is Maryam and I truly believe that every woman has the right to feel good in the body that she is in.

I spent years resigning myself to being someone who ‘didn’t work out’ or someone who wasn’t ‘sporty’. It wasn’t until after my son was born and I found myself and my health spiralling out of control, that I realised something needed to change.

 I wanted to take back control of my life, the way I looked, my fitness, my well-being and my mental health.

Fast forward to today and I am fitter than I’ve ever been and I finally feel in control of the way my body looks, thinks and feels.

My journey and my experiences with multiple clients has made me realise that as women we tend to put ourselves last. I have helped multiple clients rewrite that narrative and have helped them to realise that fitness can be fun, fitness can be accessible, and being good to your mind and body is not exclusively for the super fit!

Get in touch with me today and let’s get you started on your journey!

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