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Why FIITGirl?

Change your life, now.

Here at FIITGirl, we are in the business of building confidence and self love, no matter how fast the numbers on the tape measure move (and trust us.. at FIITGirl they move fast!) 

We use scientifically proven methods to help you reach your goals and make sure we all have a good time along the way!

Whatever your goal; whether it be weight loss, improving your cardiovascular fitness or getting your first pull up (You Go Girl!), we’re here to help you on your fitness journey regardless of your age or ability.

I've lost 3kg already and I'm only on week 5...

I can't believe it!

Maryam is kind, motivational and caring and always takes the session at a pace that suits me.

I've been working out for 20 years, but since starting with Maryam, I now enjoy my workouts and sweat like never before!

What We Do
We know that you'll find a service that you'll just love.
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The Ultimate Ladies' Only Bootcamp


Our most popular package, push, pull, squat and sweat yourself to a gorgeous new you with our fun and friendly online bootcamp. Torch away those calories with our semi PT super circuit classes and leave feeling fresh, fit and fabulous! Immerse yourself in our monthly programme, working out three times a week, and we promise you’ll feel fit enough to conquer the world!

Personal Training

Personal Training, But Better.


Don’t just meet your goals, smash them. That’s exactly what FIIT Girl Personal Training is all about. We’ll make sure that every exercise, every move and every stretch is tailor made to make you the woman you deserve to be.

Contact Us

We’re a friendly bunch at FIIT Girl, if you’ve got any questions about any of our services, then drop us an email on info@fiitgirl.co.uk or fill out our contact us form below.

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